Let it V is the first spot for Asian, vegan and gluten free food in Buenos Aires. When they called us to create the brand, they only gave us the name and one great idea: they wanted to make vegan sushi. Everything else came up during the creative process: we paraphrased parts of Beatles songs to talk about vegan food, we developed a series of illustrations of raw materials and asian dishes with a Japanese-inspired aesthetic, we chose a simple color palette that brings green to the front (and not just any green) from the combination with black / light gray, we looked for personal fonts that would take the imagination to the world of plants and we thought of a bright and lively photographic mood. 

Once the visual and verbal identity of the brand was defined, we began to work on the aesthetics of the place, making the spatial translation of what we had previously developed: green took the form of cladding for the façade and the bar, gray became smoothed cement for the walls and black was translated into blacksmithing. We introduced gold in the signage and the shelves, and also wood, which gives it a touch of warmth along with the furniture. To sum up, we designed a set of black lights on the ceiling and white neons in the shape of plants, that give the place its final touch.


Creative Direction & Design: Melisa Rivas & Manuela Ventura.
Interior Design: Melisa Rivas & Manuela Ventura.
Architecture: Estudio Borges.
Colaboration in Design: Malena Sueiro.
Architecture Photography: Federico Kulekdjian.
Product Photography: Origami Fotos & Juan Vitaly.

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