Armario 33

Armario 33 is an apparel store & art gallery located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The project is based on a recent study that demonstrates that 33 garments are sufficient to dress for 3 months. Following this statement, the brand aims to develop modular closets, composed of 4 annual chapters, each of them formed by 33 interchangeable garments, perfect to dress for 3 months. Its leitmotif is functional thinking (articulated looks and simplicity). The label seeks to recover tailoring as craftsmanship, offering the possibility to adjust the garment after purchase. Also, the brand only works with high quality fabrics and materials.

We were summoned to create a contemporary yet atemporal brand. Elegant and sophisticated, still extremely functional and coded. We immersed ourselves in the world of mathematics and came up with the use of number 33 as an exponent. We also got inspired by the logic of the equations, which appeared both useful and flamboyant to enumerate chapters and garments. Due to the decision to work only with typography (numbers as our great protagonists), we choose a very sensual serif which could add personality to the system, accompanied by a classic sans to put in some simplicity. Photography and art direction had a key role, as the brand needed an elegant and clear approach that could verify the possibility of exchanging the pieces while achieving cohesion in the looks.

  • Creative Direction

    Manuela Ventura and Melisa Rivas
  • Design

    Manuela Ventura, Melisa Rivas, Macarena Blanco
  • Photography

    Daniela Mac Adden, IES Creative
  • Architecture

    Van Córdoba