Bushi is a restaurant located in Villa Crespo, CABA, that plays with asian flavors. Its chef, a fan of asian cuisine, received a lot of inspiration through his travels around the world, and wanted to capture it in his own universe, opening himself to play and experiment, staying away from old-school vices. After several years selling Dumplings and Ramen on demand, and making pop ups, a possibility arose to open their own place in the beginning of 2022. That’s when they called us to do the Branding.

Since the day we started, we fell in love with the concept of the name: katsuo-bushi is a fundamental ingredient in Japanese cuisine, which requires a long fermentation and drying process, and then is used in small flakes for various dishes. What’s particular and authentic about this brand is that it uses the bushi concept as an action/process: they make “bushi” from a lot of ingredients, thinking of the concept as a process of transformation. That’s what triggered us to create a dynamic and playful logo, thinking of Bushi as a way of being and doing, as something that is alive and changing. This is why we talk about “letting ideas ferment” in addition to flavors.

In relation to the visual identity, we wanted to be simple and forceful: white, black, natural tones, noble fonts that go well with the logo, and the chef’s calligraphy giving it a special touch. Manual illustrations of processes, situations and ingredients are meant to soften the dark space, the harsher fonts and the rather muted color palette. Finally, we proposed a clean photographic mood, with a lot of chiaroscuro, to give it a cinematic touch.

  • Creative Direction

    Melisa Rivas and Manuela Ventura
  • Design

    Nicole Kupczok and Melisa Rivas
  • Illustration

    Nicole Kupczok
  • Architecture, Interiorism, Furniture

    Estudio Te
  • General Photography

    Malena Fradquin
  • Product Photography

    Chia Estudio