Cono Sur

Cono Sur is an ice cream brand created by Stefan Ditzend, specialized in cones. These are made from homemade waffle and filled with two ice cream flavors each, one sauce and a chocolate coating. The client requested us to create a simple name that the consumers could connect directly to the product. Also, he asked us to reinforce the artisan and homemade attributes of the product with the Branding.

The name Cono Sur allowed us to create a powerful concept around the idea of trips / travels: we used stamps, cardinal points and sealed packages as references, which we combined with noble typefaces and pastel colors to generate a warm, playful and simple identity. All this is complemented by product photography, which shows homemade and tasty ice cream cones.

  • Creative Direction

    Manuela Ventura and Melisa Rivas
  • Design

    Nicole Kupczok
  • Photography

    Malena Sueiro