Located in Martínez, Buenos Aires, Goodstën is more than a creamery. It brings together a new way of experimenting with frozen desserts. The iced rocks (granite slabs) in which the ice cream is prepared inspired us to invent a whole new planet composed by oniric landscapes and faceted surfaces, similar to those present in precious stones, with their glow and crystal-like textures. We investigated different types of gemstones and created a series of rocks combining polygons. This research had a big impact on architecture, as the construction system was built from a faceted logic, culminating in a diamond-like shell.

Argentina is known for its excellence and tradition in ice-cream. Goodstën emerges in this context, to re-invent some of the classic production and consumption methods. Our design proposal was led by the idea of innovation, trying to synthesize technology with ludic, premium and homemade values. We also aimed to emphasize Goodstën’s varied nature: it has the magic of a candy store, the elegance of a chocolaterie and the smell of just baked waffles. It was an integral and long-lasting project, as we were present from the idea to its whole materialization. Of course, everything could be brought to life thanks to an amazing team: we worked together with architects, ice cream specialists, costume designers, photographers, programmers, animators and social media agencies.

  • Design & Production

    Manuela Ventura and Melisa Rivas
  • Architecture

    Hitzig Militello Arquitectos
  • Photography

    Magalí Polverino and Buppa