Kanka is a tribute to our culture, to our history. A contemporary reinterpretation, full of ideas, admiration and above all, contradictions. To create the brand (Naming and Visual Identity) we got inspired by the land, its vegetables, the raw materials and its producers, cooking and fire as rituals.

We created a guiding concept: to transform our field into poetry, which led us to create typographic compositions in the form of verse and to think of the brand as a great metaphor. In addition to laying the foundations for the Branding, we made applications in posters, uniforms, merchandising and stationery. Above all, we intended to create an open brand, which can be continually reconfigured. Kanka is a world full of knowledge and flavors to discover.

  • Creative Direction & Design

    Melisa Rivas and Manuela Ventura
  • Illustration & Design

    Macarena Blanco
  • Photography

    Federico Kulekdjian