Milanga & Co.

Milanga & Co. was born with the premise of creating a milanesa sandwich fast food restaurant. In collaboration with Pablo Chiappori’s interiorism studio we came up with the idea of recreating a train station, on-the-go sandwich feel. We aimed to create a brand that recalls childhood memories: the picnic flavour and a family meal, a fondness for enjoyment, closeness and a sense of tenderness.

We included elements and sayings that belong to the collective imagination of the Argentinian people: an identity that is timeless, instantly recognizable and endearing. Classic images from this heritage of symbols were remixed in a contemporary visual language. Public transports and their iconic ticket patterns, pop culture references and everyday items are combined in a nostalgia-tinged patchwork that invites you to have an old time sánguche.

  • Creative Direction

    Melisa Rivas, Manuela Ventura and Crista Bernasconi
  • Design

    Melisa Rivas, Crista Bernasconi and Malena Sueiro
  • Copywriting

    Crista Bernasconi
  • Architecture & Interior Design

    Pablo Chiappori Estudio
  • Photography

    Federico Kulekdjian