The Birra

The Birra is a beer and burger store located in the southernmost city in the world: Ushuaia, Argentina. It offers a new gastronomic experience in the area, bringing together aspects of traditional Argentine warehouses with those of modern beer and burger joints. The identity is defined upon the combination of opposites: patagonic cold vs the heat of the chimney, local consumers vs tourists, traditional groceries vs contemporary bars, expeditive take-away vs the cossy experience of staying inside.

The Birra approaches the popular argentine culture in a ludic way, playing with the mixture of local slangs and foreign languages, involving locals and tourists in a kind of shared joke. This mash-up invites customers to relax and make mistakes. It also tries to make everyone feel at home, although some people may live miles away!

Our branding strategy, involving both visual and verbal communication, was based on the idea of creating a friendly, cool and comfortable environment, always bearing in mind that it was a really small place, so we needed to be very clear in order to optimize consuming times. In this search for efficiency, we implemented short and to the point phrases and agreed with the architects on taking a few but strong decisions: noble materials, symmetrical and orthogonal compositions, a black and white colour palette and only one font.

  • Design & Production

    Manuela Ventura and Melisa Rivas
  • Architecture

    Hitzig Militello Arquitectos
  • Photography

    Esteban Lobo