Inspired by old cabarets and well-known for its parties and author cocktails, Viagro is a fuegian classic. We were asked to design a new visual image, with the premise of maintaining the brands essential elements: name, colour pallette and general concept. Inspired by the universe of the 70’s disco music and under the theme “Ushuaia Nights” we searched for a new way of comunicating erotism and sensuality.

We wanted to approach customers in a more suggestive and intelligent way, using a less literal and more intriguing visual language. Regarding the menu, our objective was to design a functional piece which could solve the problem of having two different cartes (one for the bar and another one for the restaurant).

We wanted to have the alternative to see both together (or separately) depending the time of the night, so we projected a cyclic structure. Also, the banding and simple materialization allows us to make one page changes without having to re print the whole.

  • Creative Direction

    Manuela Ventura and Melisa Rivas
  • Editorial Layout

    Rocío Fernández Fuks
  • Photography

    Magalí Polverino