WePlant is a civil association which offers safe access to high quality cannabis. It stands out for its professionalism in the cultivation of the plant and the development of its own varieties. Also, they create incredible events and activations, partnering with personalities from the art, film and music industries.

We meant to create a simple and forceful name that would connect directly to the core of the brand: the fact that they plant their own cannabis, which is verified. Being a compound name, it later allowed us to play with variants such as WeSesh, WeShare, WeCare and WeAnswer, to tell the different parts of the brand. We wanted the name to be in english but its pronunciation and writing should be truly simple for any spanish speaker, and it should connote quality and professionalism. We reinforced the latter with the brand description: “cannabis laboratory” and with the sober and minimalist visual identity. The playfulness comes through the brand’s activations in networks and events, and also through the illustrations that were generated once the initial branding development was completed.

  • Creative Direction

    Melisa Rivas and Manuela Ventura
  • Design

    Nicole Kupczok, Manuela Ventura, Melisa Rivas
  • General Photography

    Malena Fradkin
  • Plant Photography