Zona Norte

The renowned chef Christian Petersen partnered with artisan Harris to create an authentic beer for their neighborhood: San Isidro. The name “Zona Norte” in spanish means North Zone (where San Isidro is located in Buenos Aires). Supported by tradition, and with simplicity as a premise, they achieved an innovative product while maintaining the essence of craft beer.

We were called to create a brand that pays homage to the neighborhood and values ​​its stories, in a contemporary and simple way. That’s why we decided to use only black and white, with a blue accent, and a single typeface: Helvetica. Last but not least, we added illustrations to the graphic system, which gives the brand a warmth and a playful touch.


  • Creative Direction

    Melisa Rivas and Manuela Ventura
  • Design

    Melisa Rivas, Manuela Ventura and Nicole Kupczok
  • Photography

    Malena Fradkin (exterior) and Alejandro Guyot (factory)
  • Models

    Franco La Mattina and Lu Wizen