EláElá is an artisanal ice cream factory located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. An honest brand that sells ice cream made with sugar, but in the best possible way: selecting ingredients that come from sustainable and ethical agriculture, prioritizing local products and avoiding industrial additives or rare ingredients that are impossible to pronounce (or digest). EláElá promotes happiness and the joy of living, because being happy is healthy.

From the beginning we set out to develop a fun and vibrant brand, born for the beach. To create the name, we immersed ourselves in our childhood memories, in the summer days by the sea, and we came across the remembrance of the ice cream man with his trolley, singing “Ice Cream, Ice Cream” out loud (in Spanish: Helado Helado). That’s how EláElá emerged: as the contemporary version of the famous ice cream man from our childhood.

In order to give the brand an honest voice, we focused on the matter of sweetness, somewhat boycotted and out of fashion lately. Our reasoning was the following: if ice cream contains sugar (even if it’s just a bit) then we cannot say that it’s 100% healthy… but, in due measure, it can’t be bad. All this, added to the fact that the creator of the brand is a DJ, led us to look for song lyrics speaking about sweetness, both in English and in Spanish. That’s how we created a romantic and playful tone of voice with an acid humor, with phrases from artists as different as Eurythmics and Alejandro Sans. The verbal identity’s final touch is given by the tagline Ice Cream Lovers that synthesizes the idea of ​​love for sweets.

Regarding the graphic elements, we chose a swiss-style, noble and austere typeface (Neue Haas Grotesk, the forerunner of Helvetica) so as to complement the above and prevent the brand from becoming cloying. We gave the logo a personal touch through a manual design, and we went for a super vibrant and wide color palette, avoiding black. The visual identity is completed with a system of simple but very mischievous illustrations, which function as stickers; and very thoughtful photographs: some with double entendres, others with a lot of glamour, and others just plain funny.

  • Creative Direction

    Manuela Ventura & Melisa Rivas
  • Design

    Nicole Kupczok, Manuela Ventura, Melisa Rivas
  • Photography & Food Styling

    Magalí Polverino Studio, Loli Braga Menendez